Near Qianmu Bay Wetland Park, overlooking Shuidong Bay panorama

Inherit the Maoist celebrities and reflect the elegant artistic conception


Enriched with the antique flavor of Qin and Han Dynasties

The legacy of the Tang and Song Dynasties continues

Following the splendid Wei and Jin context

Circulating the charm of Yuan, Ming, Qing

Take inspiration from Lingnan culture and embellish it

Deconstruct and reorganize traditional Chinese symbols

This is a new Chinese interpretation

Moving and static

Masterpieces of art and collections can be seen everywhere

Whisper, shallow back, endless meaning

"A line of egrets ascend to the blue sky"

Reproduce the beauty of Du Fu's quatrains

Elegant and dynamic natural scene

The courtyard layout is magnificent

Step by step winding path leads to quiet

The creation of space is complex but subtle