Return to the origin, the significance of the demonstration area in the future

As buyers' understanding of life gradually matures, we should follow their footsteps to build products, rather than make products in order to make products from the perspective of products. For example, the demonstration area is turned into a children’s playground or a children’s theme demonstration area. In this case, the demonstration area not only assumes the sales function, but also opens to the city, allowing more urban people to participate in it and have an interactive experience, making it an unforgettable city. living room. And this is the simulation that is closest to the buyer's future real life scenario.

With regard to the future of the demonstration area, Vanke and we have never stopped thinking and practicing. We will pay more and more attention to cross-border, linking and integration, gathering internal and external energy,Inject more commercial, cultural, entertainment, leisure, and social functions into the demonstration area. By then, the demonstration area will not only be a space, but will cover more This kind of comprehensive function "demonstration area +" is a paradise where people experience real life scenes.